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Homestate-Sunny Day

Homestate - Sunny Day

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Homestate Sunny Day

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So here we go again, I've been up all night
Wondering if my next move is right
But I'm over thinking
If what you said to me doesn't really mean anything

'Cause what if I lose track of time
My only hope is just to get by
I can't keep up and with respect
I'm not good enough for it

So don't wait up for me
I'm learning how to just be me
And I know I'm jaded
But I just need time to get where you want me to be
I'm so sick of waiting
And I know it's frustrating
But if you want the best of me
You're gonna have to wait and see

And before it gets to cold out
I need to open up my heart
It's been a while since I've felt anything
So I can't take one more moment displaced
I just need time, to remember my place

Should I forget the past and take my chances
Jump in and out and hope for the best 'cause
You're everything
(You're everything to me)
Just wait up a second I'll be there soon
My head's been lost in the dark of the moon
But it's a sunny day today thanks to you
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