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Jim Ottaway-Beyond the Purple Sun

Jim Ottaway - Beyond the Purple Sun

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Jim Ottaway Beyond the Purple Sun

On YouTube you may encounter playback limitations on some devices and in some countries, regarding a specific episode of "Electronic Fusion". These limitations do not apply on Mixcloud. On Mixcloud all episodes of "Electronic Fusion" can be listened to without restrictions.

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The weekly radio show "Electronic Fusion" of host Brainvoyager is dedicated to electronic music of various styles. Episode #1 was broadcast on 18 September 2015.


Playlist Electronic Fusion #188, broadcast on 13 April 2019:

1. Adeptus Mechanicus: track 'Reversed Inception' from album 'Unreleased Tracks 2019 (Adeptus Mechanicus)' (2019)
2. Adeptus Mechanicus: track 'Deep Healing (Tribute To Electronic Fusion)' from album 'Unreleased Tracks 2019 (Adeptus Mechanicus)' (2019)
3. Jim Ottaway: track 'Beyond The Purple Sun' from album 'Beyond The Purple Sun' (2019)
4. Madhavi Devi: track 'Cloudbreak On Ilsa' from album 'The Truth Of Being' (2018)
5. Madhavi Devi: track 'Breakthrough' from album 'The Truth Of Being' (2018)
6. Mathias Grassow & Michael Brückner: track 'The Falling Of Leaves - Melodic Version' from album 'Polar Vortex' (2019)
7. Frederich Shuller: track 'Endless Time - Part 1' from album 'Endless Time' (2014)
8. Kris Vango: track 'Ard' from album 'ARD' (2019)
9. Paul Ellis & Daryl Groetsch: track 'The Interior Rhythms 2' from album 'The Interior Rhythms' (2019)
10. Matthias Stock: track 'Time For Resurrection' from album 'Time For Resurrection (Single)' (2019)


For a complete overview of the broadcast schedules, please check: https://brainvoyagermusic.com/broadcast-schedule/

For all flyers and playlists of the previous episodes of “Electronic Fusion”, go to: https://brainvoyagermusic.com/flyers-and-playlists/

Tune in here: http://www.modul303.com/about/, or: http://tunein.com/radio/modul-303-s237222/


Electronic Fusion is supported by the record labels:
- Spotted Peccary Music from the USA (https://spottedpeccary.com)
- Legacy of Thought from the Netherlands (http://btprt.dj/2e8VkYG)
- Groove Unlimited from the Netherlands (http://www.grooveunlimited.nl)


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